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Plans: AUD $400 (plus postage).

Steel tube kit: $4995 USD. (kit includes all tubes, with ends fish-mouthed, ready to drop into a building jig).

Standard kit: $12,995 USD. (kit includes fully welded fuselage frame, undercarriage assembly - excluding wheels, brakes and calipers-, all tail surfaces, fuel tanks, fiberglass parts aluminium sheeting as required). Note: the kit does not include wood parts, spars/ribs, glues, wheels, brakes, calipers, hardware, instruments, radios, or engine or covering materials).

Fast Build kit: $19.995 USD. (kit includes above metal components, fuselage primed, corrosion treated, spar completed, ribs cut out, hardware and covering materials, fiberglass components).

Firewall forward: call us for info (depends on your engine installation requirements).

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