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The Spacewalker 2 is a 2 seat tandem, low wing sport aircraft. The undercarriage is conventional, fixed gear with a tail wheel. Powered by a 100 to 150 HP engine, such as used in a Cessna 152, or a suitable auto engine converted to aircraft use. A single seat version of the aircraft (the Spacewalker 1) is also available.

The 2 seat tandem layout is very much like the 1930's trainers which inspired the current design.

The Spacewalker can also be known as the Revolution. This was the name given to the aircraft when it was under the control of Warner Aerocraft. Jesse Anglin's original name for the aircraft was Spacewalker, and in honor of the great man, Serenity Aviation has elected to retain it's original name. 

Karatoo Aircraft



The Australian Karatoo is another aircraft that stems from the hands of Jessie Anglin, the designer of the Spacewalker. The Australian Karatoo is a high wing, 2 seat, tail dragger. It is a heavier, wider, stronger variation of the original J6-A Karatoo. The standard aircraft does not use flaps. Fitted with flaps, it's a tough rugged STOL bush aircraft. 

Construction is similar to the Spacewalker, steel tube truss type fuselage, with fabric covering. Wings can either be wood construction. Optional aluminum wings are under development. 

The aircraft satisfies LSA sport pilot rules.

The aircraft can also be mounted on floats for amphibious operations.